Search for Organist and Director of Music
July 17, 2018
Applications are now being accepted.
Concerts at Saint Thomas
July 15, 2018
Tickets for the 2018-2019 season are available. Join Friends of Music to access member benefits.
Friends of Music
July 12, 2018
Concert goers who share a passion for choral music and a keen appreciation for the long-standing heritage of excellence maintained by the world-renowned Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys.
Give to the Miller-Scott Organ Project
July 5, 2018
After years of planning and fundraising for the Miller-Scott Organ, our dream has become a reality. The Organ has been installed and its voicing is almost complete.
Daniel Hyde accepts new post
June 20, 2018
Daniel Hyde accepts the call to be Director of Music at King’s College, Cambridge
A Portrait of John Scott
May 1, 2018
Painted by artist Benjamin Arnold and commissioned by a group of donors, will hang at the choir school alongside those of Gerre Hancock and T. Tertius Noble.
Music List Easter-September 2018
March 22, 2018
Music List January-Easter 2018
December 22, 2017
The newest listing of music from January through Easter 2018 is now available on our website.
Miller-Scott Organ Update
October 25, 2017
Organist Erik Suter has written an article about the Miller-Scott Organ and how it fits into the history of organ building at Saint Thomas Church which appears in the September 2017 issue of Organists' Review.
Miller-Scott Organ update
May 26, 2017
On May 3, 2017, the first trailer loads of organ pipes and parts for the Miller-Scott organ arrived.