Litany & Choral Eucharist

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Sunday, December 10, 2017
11:00 am High Altar



Merciful God, who sent thy messengers the prophets to preach repentance and prepare the way for our salvation: Give us grace to heed their warnings and forsake our sins, that we may greet with joy the coming of Jesus Christ our Redeemer; who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys

Included in this Choral Eucharist are hymns sung by the congregation and choir, additional music sung exclusively by the choir, lessons, prayers, a sermon, and a Rite I Mass. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

Celebrant: Fr Turner

Preacher: Fr Turner

Deacon: Fr Daniels

Subdeacon: Fr Spurlock

Sung by: The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys

Prelude: Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, Nicolaus Bruhns (1665-1697)

The Litany: Henry Loosemore (1627-1670)

Service: Missa brevis, William Walton (1902 –1983)

Lesson: Isaiah 40:1-11

Psalm: 85:1-2, 8-13 Anglican Chant (Stanford)

Epistle: 2 Peter 3:8-15a

Hymn: 76
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry

Gospel: Mark 1:1-8

Anthem: A spotless rose, Herbert Howells (1892–1983)

Anthem: How beautiful upon the mountains, John Stainer (1840–1901)

Hymn: 73
The King shall come when morning dawns

Voluntary: Prelude and Fugue in a, BWV 543, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)


Litany 14:28-28:55
Psalm 33:30-35:48
Hymn 37:34-40:12
Sermon 42:49-52:22
Greetings 54:39-58:4
Offertory 58:33-1:32
Sanctus/Benedictus 01:05:22-01:06:30
Agnus Dei/Anthem 01:15:36-01:19:22
Hymn 01:26:59-01:29:16
Voluntary 01:29:16-01:39:19

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