The Miller-Scott Organ

Click or tap the image of the image above to see a gallery of the north and south cases, south-case carvings, and the organ console (photo credits: Ira Lippke)

Dedication of the Irene D. and William R. Miller Chancel Organ in Memory of John Scott

After years of planning and fundraising for the Miller-Scott Organ, our dream is becoming a reality. The Organ has been installed and its voicing is almost complete.

The Dedication Recital will be held Friday, October 5 at 7pm. Contact the Music Office for tickets – all seats are $30.

The cost to build, carve and install the Miller-Scott Organ, one of the premier organs in the world, is approximately $11 million. Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of parishioners and friends of Saint Thomas, we have raised almost $9 million. If you would like to make a gift, we would be most appreciative. Please click here.

An Overview of the New Organ

In this article from the September 2017 issue of Organists' Review Erik Wm. Suter provides a brief history of organs at Saint Thomas Church since 1913. He explains how the Miller-Scott Organ fits into this tradition and the ways in which it will fulfill the complex needs of both performers and parishioners at the church. Mr. Suter delves into the technical and aesthetic considerations of both the organ itself and how it will interact with the rest of the building both visually and sonically.

Pipe Installations

Watch work on the north and south chambers during the Summer of 2017.

South Chamber Load in

Watch a time-lapse video of the installation of parts and pipes in the south chamber.

Summer '17 Photos

Click or tap the image above to view a photo gallery of recent installation work.

Inside the Console

In this photo gallery we can look under the hood of the console and the component parts which make this complex machine run. We see everything from basic I/O units connecting the contact points of drawknobs to the pipe mechanisms, the cpu for the entire organ, and the capture unit for storing presets.

The first pipes and parts for The Miller-Scott Organ arrive

On May 3, 2017, the first trailer load of organ pipes and parts for the Miller-Scott organ arrived. In addition to the video below you can see a photo gallery of the arrival here.

Carvings for the New Organ Case

Carvings for the new organ case have begun to be installed.

South Chamber Steel Installation

Watch a time-lapse video steel case that was installed in the south chamber in early 2017.