The Miller-Scott Organ

The Decommissioning of the Arents Memorial Organ

During the weeks of June 12 and June 19 the Arents Memorial, the great organ of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue for 60 years, was deconstructed and removed from the church in preparation for the installation of the Miller-Scott Organ. You can click or tap the button below to see a photo gallery chronicling the decommissioning process.

Decomissioning the Arents Memorial Organ

Time Lapse Video: Windline Construction

Here we see the process of making a few windlines for the new organ. These are ducts that carry the pressurized air through the organ.

Leather Skiving

In this video we see the skiving of leather used for expansion joints. These joints are placed at strategic places in the wooden ductwork that connects the organ’s bellows to the windchests, on which the pipes stand. Skiving prevents the edge of the leather from being snagged, and gives a tidy cosmetic finish."

In this video, you can see the long edges of a strip of specially tanned cowhide being skived, or thinned by cutting. This operation can be done by hand with a very sharp knife, but it is much faster and more consistent to use a special skiving machine to do it. Our particular machine was originally used in a Tennessee shoe factory.

Slider Solenoid Boards

Individual sets of pipes or “stops” in the organ are turned on by admitting air into them through perforated strips called “sliders”. The sliders are moved by specially-designed solenoids, which are magnetic linear motors. Each stop is operated by one solenoid.

Below you can access a gallery of some of these slider solenoid boards for the Miller-Scott Organ. Each photo contains a caption with a brief explanation of the image.

Slider Solenoid Boards

From the Dobson Shop

Work on the Miller-Scott Organ is ramping up at Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, with work ranging from pipe racking to constructing windlines, wiring of stopaction motors, and crest moutning. Take at the look at the galleries below to learn more about the ongoing work.

Master Carvings

The wood carving shop of Dennis Collier produced several ornemtnal crests for the Miller-Scott Organ. Below you'll find a gallery detailing their work from the last several months on: