The Miller-Scott Organ

Monthly Images

Starting in September 2015 we began posting pictures each month of the carving progress and of work on the Miller-Scott Organ itself. These images are meant to provide a taste of what's going on in both the Dobson and Collier shops. You can access images from September 2015 through january 2016 below

January 2016: The Dove Descending

The Collier and Dobson shops are both brimming with activity as work continues on the Miller-Scott Organ in the first month of 2016.

  • Woodworking: the master carving of the master descending dove crest has been completed along with several pipe shades.
  • Organ construction: the lower part of the new organ case, which will be just above the organ console and south choir stalls, is currently under construction.

Collier and Dobson images for January 2016

December 2015: Completed Panels and Facade Posts

Images from the Miller-Scott Organ construction and carving processes for the month of December feature the first completed side panel #133 that matches those in the north case. We also see facade posts, a major vertical element in the organ case, being glued into place. It is about 25 feet long and 18 inches wide.

Collier and Dobson images for December 2015

November 2015: Master Carvings

The beginnings of a master carving by Dennis Collier of an upper-crest panel, featuring an eagle in flight, is featured in this month's images of the Miller-Scott Organ construction process. There's also a shot of one of the two ‘static reservoirs‘, located in the basement of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, which regulate the pressure supplied to the organ by the original 1913 blower. Next month we will see a finished panel and work being done on facade posts.

Collier and Dobson images for November 2015

October 2015: Imposts and Spires

In this month's images chronicling progress on the Miller-Scott Organ, Dobson cabinetmaker Randy Hausman constructs the "impost", one of the main parts of the new organ case on which the largest front pipes stand. We also see one of the dozen-odd spires that will top the new Miller-Scott organ case. Here, Dobson’s base is married to the Colliers’ carved crockets.

Collier and Dobson images for October 2015

September 2015: The John Scott Crest

This month's images include work on one of the pipes of the Positive 4’ and an image of the John Scott crest. To access this month's pictures you can click or tap the blue button directly below.

Collier and Dobson images for September 2015