Rector's Chronicle

From time to time, the Reverend Canon Carl F. Turner, Rector of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, writes a chronicle for members and friends of the parish. As new editions become available, they will be added to the list below. As always, we thank you for utilizing the website, thereby saving the church the cost of printing and mailing. If you know a parishioner or friend of the parish who does not have access to a computer and who needs to receive the Rector's Chronicle by mail, do not hesitate to let us know.

Summer 2017

Saint Thomas Church will continue to be a haven of quiet spirituality throughout the summer. Daily masses and Sunday adult education courses continue and visiting choirs or the Gentlemen of the Choir provide beautiful music for the Sunday 11am service.

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Lent 2017

As Lent approaches, Canon Turner shares information about special events, visitors, celebrations and some of the notable things that have happened since Christmas.

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Advent 2016

As of the writing of this Chronicle, the scaffolding covering the front of the church has been completely removed. We are delighted with the efforts of all involved in the stained glass windows project, the cleaning of the church, and the stone repairs.

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The Rector's Chronicle - September 2016

There is a great deal happening at Saint Thomas as the new choral season 2016-17 begins. The Rector's Chronicle is full of news - everything from education for children and adults to social events to enjoy this Fall.

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Summer 2016

Canon Turner's summer chronicle is full of interesting news. He shares information on the stained glass window project, the dismantling of the Arents Organ, and news on the future of our education program.

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Lent 2016

In his Lent Chronicle Father Turner shares lots of news and information about coming events. He also shares the progress made on Father Andrew's memorial and the Taylor & Boody organ.

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Advent 2015

The Rector writes about upcoming Advent and Christmas liturgies, and about other goings-on in the parish as we begin a new church year.

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Michaelmas 2015

As Canon Turner completes his first year as Rector, he reflects on the parish as a family and on the death of John Scott, and shares plans for a memorial for Father Andrew and for various events in the fall.

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Eastertide 2015

In his first chronicle as Rector of Saint Thomas Church, Fr Turner reflects on his first six months and looks forward to the future of the parish.

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