Classes are offered every Sunday morning (except Easter Day) at 10am. Classes are also offered on selected weekday evenings particularly from September through May. Please access the theology calendar for exact dates and times. A summary of current and upcoming classes is listed below.


The Epistle to the Colossians.On June 25 at 10 a.m., the Sunday class begins a study of the Epistle to the Colossians. One of the so-called “prison letters” written by St. Paul, it was composed while he was incarcerated in Rome. In this brief letter, Paul instructs the Christians in Colossae on many important matters: the nature of Christ, the role of the Law, and the behavior appropriate to a Christian community. Though he had never visited Colossae, Paul’s active interest in their well-being and correct understanding of the faith is reflected in the warmth of the epistle and his emphasis on clarifying “the truth of the gospel.” The class meets on the fifth floor.


Philemon, our Dearly Beloved. On Sunday, July 30, the Sunday class takes a look at the Epistle to Philemon, as a kind of coda to our study of Colossians. At the end of Colossians, St. Paul mentions that one of the people with him in his imprisonment in Rome is a man named Onesimus, "a faithful and beloved brother," who had left Colossae to be with him. The Epistle to Philemon is a very short book - only 25 verses - that Paul sends to a man named Philemon in Colossae, in order to repair an apparent rift that had developed between Philemon and Onesimus. In addition to providing more color on the situation in Colossae that Paul addresses in the Epistle of the Colossians, it gives us an insight into the realities of the first-century Church.

Bible Study

If you are interested in further adult education and fellowship opportunities at Saint Thomas please consider Father Spurlock's weekly Bible study. Additional weekday classes will be announced in due course.