Classes are offered every Sunday morning (except Easter Day) at 10am. Classes are also offered on selected weekday evenings particularly from September through May. Please access the theology calendar for exact dates and times. A summary of current and upcoming classes is listed below.


The Rector’s Christian Doctrine Class 2018: Pilgrims on The Way.

A systematic treatment of the essentials of the Christian faith, as received through the Catholic heritage of Anglicanism within the Episcopal Church.

The Rector's Christian Doctrine Class is offered from January to May and will begin anew in January 2018. The class is especially designed for those who want to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, but it is also for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christ and about the doctrine and traditions of the Church, as we've received them.

You can learn more here.

Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament

Can Christians interpret the Old Testament through the lens of Christian theology? In this series the Sunday class looks at a series of stories from the Old Testament to see how they illuminate classic Christian theological doctrines.

Weekly Bible Study

At 12:45pm, (almost) every Friday of the year there is a weekly Bible study. Check the calendar to see if the Bible study is meeting on a particular upcoming Friday afternoon.

Monthly Book Group

Once a month there will be a discussion of a selected book. The only requirement is that participants read the book in advance. Learn more and see upcoming books and dates.