Organ Update from Fr Mead

I hope you will read the information on this website regarding the state of our Great organ, which is in a perilous state with dead notes on several registers, stops that are completely silent and unsteady winding. Simply put, the Great Organ, so central to the mission of Saint Thomas Church, the Choir School and our entire music program, has become unreliable and could fail at any time.

Raising the funds to purchase and install a new organ has been a top priority at Saint Thomas for the last several years. In addition to raising capital funds for a necessary stained glass window restoration, we have secured almost $4 million in support of the Organ Replacement Project. We need an additional $4 million and are appealing to music lovers both within and outside of our parish. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to view our organ video above and to contact me.

We have thoroughly explored the option of trying to restore the Great Organ but two independent organ consultants have recommended strongly against this as the organ has already been through several major rehabilitations and parts of the organ are almost a century old. This organ gets constant use from rehearsals, concerts, recitals and at least six weekly liturgical services and it is neither artistically nor financially prudent to attempt to rebuild it once again.

We have in hand from Dobson Organ Builders an exciting design to build and install a new organ. These costs are estimated at $5 million. There will be additional costs of approximately $3 million to remove the present organ, refurbish the existing 1913 organ case on the north side, and renovate other spaces. We are almost halfway to our goal but need the support of organ lovers and those who appreciate great sacred music in order to place the order to start this project. If you can, we ask for your help. And to the many who have supported this project, please know that we are deeply grateful.

I hope you enjoy the over 200 choral worship services, concerts and organ recitals at Saint Thomas each year.

With all good wishes,

The Reverend Andrew C. Mead