New Website Launches Today

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Saint Thomas launched a new website today, a re-design which makes the website significantly more accessible on mobile devices.

While today’s launch gives you access to a beautiful new design, the scale of the project will be revealed in the months to come, measured in the enormous amount of new content which will roll out through 2014.

If you are a regular website user, we encourage you to come to this section of Latest News regularly. We will post an update every time we add a new feature or a significant amount of new content to the site. In this way, you’ll always be in the loop as we build the site out through 2014. Here are some of the developments you might want to follow as we begin the second century of worship in our current church building:

  • We will be making our way through the rectorships in the Parish History Section over the first half of 2014. The section will grow in two directions: as we make go forward in time from the Duffie rectorship toward the Mead rectorship, we’ll also be uploading additional documents and photos from the archives to the subsections that already exist. In other words, the section will grow in breadth and depth through the winter and spring. Expect us to have detailed information about Stires up on the website around the same time as the Centennial Play on Feburary 21.
  • The Building Section is designed to eventually catalogue every part of the church building, from each statue on the exterior and in the reredos, to each figure in stained glass and in the woodwork. None of this is available yet. Beginning in December, we encourage you to visit this section monthly. Much of this section will be complete by the time of the Lecture on the Reredos (April 3) and the Lecture on Saint Thomas Architecture (May 1).
  • The Calendar remains the spine of the website, and more information than ever hangs from its many appendages. We encourage you to visit the calendar weekly, especially beginning Advent Sunday.