2015 Every Member Canvass Week 11 Update

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Tempus fugit! There are less than three weeks left in 2014. If you have not yet pledged to the 2015 Every Member Canvass, please do so today. All pledges are used to support the operating budget of the church and the choir school and are crucial to their financial health. We are deeply grateful to the more than 400 members and friends who have pledged, and if you have not, we encourage you to do so before the New Year. Pledge cards are in the pews and the narthex, or you can pledge through our secure website. Your sacrifices have a direct impact on the mission of the church and choir school – thank you for everything you give.

If you have any questions about pledging or the 2015 Every Member Canvass, please email Ann Hall Kaplan. You may also call Ms Kaplan at 212 757-7013, x414.

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