Theology Update for the Week of June 14

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Dear friends in Christ,

On Sunday, June 14, at the 10 o’clock class, Father Daniels will speak on “The Text Is Musical.” He does not promise a song and dance (although, who knows?) — but you can expect some interesting reflections on how the Scriptures have musical qualities. For instance, a melody builds up expectations for what will come next, even before the actual notes are heard; something similar happens in our reading of texts. This class meets on the 5th floor, and welcomes visitors every week.
There will be no Monday class on June 15. The Monday classes will resume on June 22 at 12:40pm.

“To be or not to be”: Hamlet will be discussed at the Good Books & Good Talk seminar on Monday, July 13, at 6:15pm. Anyone who reads the play is welcome to the conversation.

Father Austin