Theology Update for the Week of September 20

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Dear friends in Christ,

Article XV (of the 39 Articles of Religion) is about Christ’s sinlessness, and XVI is about our continuing to sin even after baptism. And then: XVII is about predestination. “The godly consideration of predestination . . . is full of sweet, pleasant and unspeakable comfort.”So the Article says. I hope you can join me on Sunday – it is tempting to say you’re predestined to do so! – on the 5th floor at 10 o’clock. Visitors are welcome. In addition, I will repeat the class on Monday, September 21, at 12:40pm on the 2nd floor.

On Tuesday, September 22: “Are Creeds Credible?” Herbert McCabe explains that in faith, God gives us a share in his own self-knowledge. How can this be? Join the course on Tuesday at 6:30pm In Andrew Hall for one hour. If you can, read in advance chapter 2 of McCabe’s Faith Within Reason.

Here’s a brief quote from this chapter: “Faith is not an additional reason. It is not that you get so far with reasons and then you have to stop until faith comes along.” McCabe really is remarkable in asking the questions we really ask, and then thinking with uncommon clarity and consistency about Christian answers.

Looking to the end of the month: The Fall Theology Lecture, “2 Esdras: The Apocryphal Apocalypse,” will be given by Professor Karina Hogan of Fordham University on Wednesday, September 30, at 6:30pm. The lecture is an opportunity to know more about the Apocrypha, about apocalyptic writing, and about what was happening in the early centuries after Christ. Free and open to the public. We’ll have a reception afterwards.

Looking further ahead: On Monday, October 19, a seminar discussion of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” from 6:15 to 7:45pm.

On the web: I just learned that Herbert McCabe, some 20 years ago, participated in a debate on God’s existence at Oxford. It is fascinating to see him in action, particularly if you’ve been reading his books. The link is here.

Father Austin