Miller-Scott Organ update

On May 3, 2017, the first trailer loads of organ pipes and parts for the Miller-Scott organ arrived. You can see a photo gallery of the arrival here.

Pipes and parts will continue to arrive bi-weekly extending into August. Some of the largest parts will be taken directly down the main aisle and hoisted inside the organ chambers, all according to a carefully choreographed procedure Dobson has worked out to make installation as efficient as possible. But not everything can be installed so quickly. It is therefore necessary to have a staging area in which pipes and parts can be stored until they are ready to be installed.

To provide this, the rear portion of the Chantry Chapel and the side narthex will be walled off as a temporary shed for storage use. Enough of the Chapel seating will remain to allow the pattern of daily Mass to continue undisturbed. Additionally, the upper south gallery will be used by the organ builders, mainly to store pipes destined for the south chamber, given that space’s ready access to Andrew Hall and the south chamber entrance. Below is a time-lapse video of organ part being moved into the shed.