Episcopal Charities Sunday is next Sunday, May 13

A message from our Bishop: “One of every six people residing within the footprint of the Diocese lives in poverty. That’s nearly a million people in all. Many thousands more are at risk. For most, hunger is not an everyday experience, but it is an ongoing threat. In times of need, many of those facing hunger can turn to one of the 47 parish-sponsored feeding programs supported by Episcopal Charities. Last year, these food pantries, community kitchens and brown-bag lunch programs provided nearly 9.3 million meals! This Mother’s Day, please give generously to Episcopal Charities so that struggling mothers, and all those who turn to us, will find much needed sustenance and affirmation that others do care.” You will find an envelope with your leaflet. Please return it with a donation made payable to “Episcopal Charities” next week, or you can mail it to us.