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This Sunday we continued to learn to Walk in Gods Love together and discovered just how special we are to him, for he calls us each by name.

Ms Ann Satterfield reflects on Sunday’s second introduction to Godly Play:

“This past Sunday in Godly Play, we learned about parables. We learned that parables are gifts Jesus gave to us, and unlike a regular present that we open once, we can go back to a parable again and again during our entire lives to listen more deeply to Jesus and understand what he wants us to know.

We listened to the parable of the Good Shepherd, how the Good Shepherd loves his sheep and they love him. He calls them each by name. Incorporating imagery from Psalm 23, we saw how the Good Shepherd leads his sheep to the good, green grass and the still, fresh waters. He shows his sheep the way through valleys of darkness where the sheep don’t have enough light to see how to get through. From Luke 15, we learned that if a sheep gets lost, the Good Shepherd looks for that sheep everywhere until he finds it, and carries it joyously in his arms back home to the sheep fold where it is safe. From John 10, we saw how the Good Shepherd calls sheep from all over the world to come to him and live with him, even the ones who don’t know him yet. All sheep are welcome. Jesus told us that there is one flock and one shepherd, the Good Shepherd who loves us all.”