Theology Update for the Week of November 11

Theology Class, November 11 at 10 am

On November 11, at 10 am, our Theology Classes will resume, hosted by myself, Father Matthew Moretz, the new Associate Rector. The classes will be entitled “Seven Stories of Scripture,” and in them we will tour seven great themes and motifs that run through the Bible that culminate in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Expect lively discussion and careful examination of the record of our salvation history using the full breadth of our theological tradition and Christian practices.

To give you a vision of the plan for our time together, I invite you to review the subject outline below. Note that every “story” has three sessions. From time to time, a special guest will be invited to speak to our group, which may interrupt the sequence. But after we welcome a guest, the classes will continue in this order. Our first lesson on November 11 will be “The Hapiru.”

Each cycle is made up of three sections, the first two lessons focus on the Old Testament scriptures, the final lesson on Jesus Christ and the Gospels. The cycle always looks to how Jesus interpreted and drew from His scriptures and traditions to create and complete His Mission.

Story 1: Oppression to Justice
Lesson 1: The Hapiru (The Hebrews)
Lesson 2: Exodus
Lesson 3: The Sermon on the Mount.

Story 2: Violence to Forgiveness
Lesson 1: Prehistories
Lesson 2: Patriarchs
Lesson 3: Prodigal Son

Story 3: The Land and its Loss
Lesson 1: Deuteronomic Worldview
Lesson 2: Response to the Loss of the Land
Lesson 3: The Land and Jesus

Story 4: Wrath to Compassion
Lesson 1: Suffering Servant
Lesson 2: Compassion in Isaiah
Lesson 3: The Cup of Wrath.

Story 5: Victim to Vindication
Lesson 1: Job
Lesson 2: The go’el
Lesson 3: Jesus and Jonah

Story 6: The Temple and its Deconstruction
Lesson 1: Temple Theology
Lesson 2: Prophetic Critique of the Temple
Lesson 3: Jesus and Temple Deconstruction

Story 7: History to its end
Lesson 1: Wisdom
Lesson 2: Son of Man
Lesson 3: New Paradigm

I look forward to taking this tour of the Scriptures and our Faith with you, excited about getting to know one another’s stories better as we learn ever more about God’s Story.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Many blessings.

Matthew Moretz+
Associate Rector