Theology Update for the Week of December 2

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Theology Class, “Seven Stories of Scripture”

On December 2nd, at 10 am, our Theology Classes will continue. The classes are entitled “Seven Stories of Scripture,” and in them we will tour seven great themes and motifs that run through the Bible that culminate in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our theme is “Oppression to Justice” and the next lesson will be “The Sermon on the Mount” In this class, we will examine parallels between the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. We will look at how Jesus claims authority over his own Biblical tradition, announcing blessing rather than law (a blessing that was always at the heart of the Law). We will also look at how this blessing becomes possible through both the teaching and the life of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to review the core Biblical texts for the class, please follow these links: here and here.

As a rule, our primary reference text will be the Authorized Version of the Bible, which will be available at every class.

If you have any questions or more material that I could read about our topics, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Grace and peace to you,
Matthew Moretz+Associate Rector

Class Outline (based on the curriculum “Seven Stories” by Anthony Bartlett)

Each cycle is made up of three sections, the first two lessons focus on the Old Testament scriptures, the final lesson on Jesus Christ and the Gospels. The cycle always looks to how Jesus interpreted and drew from His scriptures and traditions to create and complete His Mission.

Story 1: Oppression to Justice
Lesson 1: The Hapiru (The Hebrews)
Lesson 2: Exodus
Lesson 3: The Sermon on the Mount. THIS SUNDAY

Story 2: Violence to Forgiveness
Lesson 1: Prehistories
Lesson 2: Patriarchs
Lesson 3: Prodigal Son

Story 3: The Land and Its Loss
Lesson 1: Deuteronomic Worldview
Lesson 2: Response to the Loss of the Land
Lesson 3: The Land and Jesus

Story 4: Wrath to Compassion
Lesson 1: Suffering Servant
Lesson 2: Compassion in Isaiah
Lesson 3: The Cup of Wrath

Story 5: Victim to Vindication
Lesson 1: Job
Lesson 2: The Go’el
Lesson 3: Jesus and Jonah

Story 6: The Temple and its Deconstruction
Lesson 1: Temple Theology
Lesson 2: Prophetic Critique of the Temple
Lesson 3: Jesus and Temple Deconstruction

Story 7: History to Its end
Lesson 1: Wisdom
Lesson 2: Son of Man
Lesson 3: New Paradigm