Confirmation Classes have Begun

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It was good to welcome an enthusiastic group of young people to our first session as together we explored Who is God? as part of our Faith Confirmed series.

Each week there will be a follow up focus (not homework!) as we taking continue our faith exploration throughout the week.

Here is last Sunday’s reflection:

God is with each one of us

During this week, remember what we shared in class about how we feel closest to God, and practice some of your favorites. If you feel closest to God in the countryside and you cannot get there easily, what places nearby can you try? For example, take a walk in a nearby park and notice the plants, animals, and people. Sit or stand outside in front of your home – what beautiful surprise do you see? Maybe it is the way a small bird lands in a tree; the scent of fresh, morning air; the gentle feel of sunshine on your face warming you on a chilly day. These are gifts from God and his creation, of which each one of us is a part.

If you feel close to God when you pray, you do not have to wait to pray in church (though you may feel close to God there, too) you can pray anywhere. Maybe collect a picture that makes you think of God or makes you feel happy, and put it in your notebook. Think of something or someone you feel thankful for, and thank God for having that thing or person in your life. Write down a special thought you would like to share with God and keep it private if you like. Maybe you would like to ask God’s help for someone you care about. If you like playing sports, thank God for the joy of physical movement and the friends with whom you play.

God is with each one of us, whether we are sad or happy, asleep or awake, lonely or with family and good friends. That is the beauty and mystery of God! He loves us and loves our company. Why not take some time to notice the ways he likes to show us he is here?

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