How do We Pray?

Fr. Bennett led the older children in a reflection on Prayer with a focus on images of prayer around our church, and in particular on this icon of Jesus.

“Last Sunday we took a closer look at the pictures from the Sacred Search from the previous Sunday. Many of the pictures from the search included many different images of Jesus such as Jesus on the cross, Jesus clothed in light in an icon and Jesus after his resurrection in rich colors looking joyful.

In the class we looked at all these pictures and the different stories they told about Jesus. St. Thomas offers a beautiful array of images of Jesus and his life!
The church is a very prayerful space. We talked about we pray at home and what are some of the things and people we pray for.
We made a list of prayers that we could add to our prayers, perhaps adding one or two to our prayers each week?
As you can see, this list covers lots of different prayers which we can add to our prayers. We encourage everyone to add one or two prayers to your own prayers during Lent.

They considered ways in which we could all expand our prayer during Lent. Here are some of the children’s prayer ideas:

  • Be thankful for what we have and receive each day
  • Remember people who are sick
  • Make everyone happy
  • Help people study
  • Obey your parents
  • Be kind
  • Be respectful of those around you.”

(Fr. Bennett)