Sunday School News : Getting ready for All Saints Sunday, November 3 by Ms Ann Satterfield

Three saints depicted on the Fifth Avenue steps of Saint Thomas Church

All Saints day is arriving at Saint Thomas Church Sunday School on Sunday, November 3rd! On that day we will explore the two classic meanings of the word “saint.” The first comes from the New Testament, especially the apostle Paul. He used this word to mean anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ. The second is the same word, Saint, but with a capital S. This designates those people whom the church recognizes as having lived lives of true inspiration.

If you would like to participate in a special sharing on November 3rd, begin now with a simple exercise. Think about who in your life – living or dead – is someone you hold in your heart as a person of inspiration. This could be someone you miss, someone you like to be near, or someone you would like to be more like. You may enjoy doing this as a family or as an individual. Select a small object or picture (one you create or one you find) that reminds you of this person and Sunday schoolers can bring this to Sunday School on November 3rd. After listening to a story, we will have time to share about your object or picture with the group.

Remember what we say when we recite the Apostles Creed in church? The third part goes like this: “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints….” This is a good time to share who is in the communion of saints and learn why they are important to each one of us. By listening and sharing, we come even closer to God. After all, God created each saint and each one of us!

Save the Date!

Our next Family Feast is on ALL SAINTS SUNDAY, November 3 at 10am in the Living Room.