Come – Stay – Grow – Give

Please consider making an online pledge to our Annual Appeal. If you would prefer to make your pledge via check or would like us to send you envelopes so that you can earmark your pledge during a plate collection at one of our services you can fill out this form.

The 2020 Annual Appeal now enters its ninth week, and Fr. Turner will speak about the progress made by the five Task Forces which developed from the thorough and collaborative work of the Strategic Plan. The successful implementation of the strategies and goals outlined by these Task Forces will guide the future of the church and the school for many years to come. Please show your support for all of our ministries and our Strategic Planning work by making a pledge to the 2020 Appeal. On September 22, when we launched the 2020 Appeal, it seemed as though we had so much time before the close of the Appeal’s active phase, and yet, here we are just one week before the tenth and final week of the active phase of the 2020 Annual Appeal. If you have not yet pledged, please act now and pledge online or pick up one of the pledge cards available in the pews, the narthex and at reception.