Annual Appeal Update

We now start the last week of the Candlemas Campaign for the 2020 Annual Appeal. Earlier this month, Jeb Burrows and Arthur Moore told us how important the webcasts are to them and why they gratefully support the 2020 Annual Appeal in thanks for these webcasts. This week, we will hear from Barry Richardson in Denver who is also inspired to pledge to Saint Thomas in deep appreciation of our many webcasts. In response to the Candlemas Appeal, we have received gifts from quite a few webcast listeners and we are deeply grateful. In the words of Barry Richardson:

“Saint Thomas Church is the Epiphany Star of my life. I hope you will join me in acknowledging Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue as a National treasure with its world-renowned choral tradition and choir school. Candlemas is the time for all of us to stand and support both the tradition and future of this beautiful church.”

If you have not yet pledged to Saint Thomas, please respond to our Candlemas Appeal. You can pledge online or pick up an Annual Appeal brochure in the narthex or at reception. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Hall Kaplan or Adam MacDonald.

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