Father Adam Spencer Called To Rectorship

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Father Adam Spencer

Father Adam Spencer has been called to serve as the next rector of Saint Elisabeth’s Church in Glencoe, Illinois.  In discerning this call, Father Spencer came to believe that his skills as a pastor and preacher could be put to very good use at Saint Elisabeth’s.  In his conversations with them, members of the parish expressed a strong desire to pursue a deeper spirituality which he believes he can help them with, as well.

In going to serve at Saint Elisabeth’s, Father Spencer will also be returning to his home diocese of Chicago, where he remains canonically resident. He will find himself closer again to his friends and family in the Midwest. This difficult time of pandemic and recent death of his beloved aunt has made that proximity all the more important to him.  Father Spencer wanted to say the following to the Saint Thomas parish community as he prepares to make this transition in the next couple of months:

“Thank you so much for these wonderful past two years.  They have been a time of deep growth and rigorous formation in my priesthood. I have been afforded an amazing opportunity to learn how to be a priest, ‘on the job’, among wonderful people, in one of the great parish churches of the Anglican Communion, and to savor the riches of the Saint Thomas liturgical and choral tradition while I was at it.  I will be forever grateful for my time here and for the many ways in which serving with and knowing each of you has shaped me and the character of my ministry.  I look forward now to the opportunity to serve as rector among the good people of Saint Elisabeth’s on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I ask your prayers for them and for me and Rose.  I assure you of my own prayers, as well, as all of us seek to ‘grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever.’ (2 Peter 3:18)”

The Saint Thomas Clergy Team

Father Turner writes

“Adam has been a joy to work with these past two years and I will be forever grateful to his first mentor, Father John David van Dooren of the Church of the Transfiguration here in New York, who introduced him to us when he was first ordained. At that time, the Diocese of Chicago had no position available for him, and we have been blessed by his ministry here at Saint Thomas Church. It is always a privilege to be entrusted with the formation of a newly ordained priest. However, the Bishop of Chicago made it clear that he wanted Adam back as soon as possible! While his colleagues and I feel sad that he is leaving us, we rejoice for the people of St. Elizabeth’s who will find in their new pastor a man of integrity and deep faith, filled with the knowledge of the Lord, and whose deep and searching spirituality will be a well-spring for them as it has been for us. God bless you Adam and Rose – we always knew that New York would never compete with the ‘windy city,’ but you will always be held in high esteem by the people of Saint Thomas Church.”

The Bishop of Chicago and St. Elisabeth’s have asked if Adam can begin his ministry in time for Lent, to take them through a spiritual journey to Easter, and pastor them through the rest of the pandemic. Father Spencer’s last Sunday with us will be January 10 – the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. Nearer the time, we will share how we intend to say Godspeed and thank you to Adam and Rose.

Father Adam Spencer and his wife Rose