“Let Them Measure the Pattern”: The Pattern of Salvation in John 1:1-18

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In Ezekiel 43:10, God commands the prophet to reveal the plan of the restored Temple to the people: “show the House to the house of Israel…and let them measure the pattern.” To read John’s Gospel is to do just that: to measure the pattern.

In this two-session series, we’ll consider the Introduction to the Fourth Gospel (John 1:1-18) as describing the pattern of John as well as the pattern of salvation itself. We’ll explore some of the intricate strands of symbolism, scripture, liturgy, and history woven together in the Gospel’s narrative that are succinctly summarized in a cosmic and super-cosmic register in the Introduction; and we’ll come to understand that these brief 18 verses, saturated and overflowing with meaning, are indeed the key to approaching the mystery and wonder of the Fourth Gospel, and a way of approaching the mystery and wonder of our faith.

Come measure the pattern Sunday, November 21st and 28th at 10:00 a.m. with Fr Schultz. You are welcome to join us in-person on the Fifth Floor and can contact us to learn how you can join.