Theology Update for the Week of February 27, 2022

Saint Helena with Holy Cross depicted in Meekness and Faith Window in the Chantry Chapel of Saint Thomas Church

Father Matthew Moretz (photo credit: Alan Barnett)

Dear Friends in Christ,

Join us this Sunday, February 27 at 10:00am when I will continue an open-ended series on the stained glass of our parish. Using high quality images collected by Julie L. Sloan during the recent restoration of the glass (2007-2016), I will lead you through a careful theological reading of our windows. As with the reredos, there is so very much to discover in this extraordinary iconographic scheme that was developed by the Whitefriars’ designer, James H. Hogan.

As with my presentation on the reredos, my goal will be to unlock the theological meaning of our sacred art, while dealing only briefly with the history of the provenance and restoration of the works. These windows are our constant companions, but they are also difficult to view completely, without some effort. I see it as a time to enrich our faith as we learn more about the history and heritage that these beautiful works reveal.

These lectures will be available, ultimately, on-demand on our website. And when they are available, I will direct you to them here.

You are welcome to join us in person on the Fifth Floor of the Parish House or on Zoom. Contact us to learn more.

Grace and peace to you,

Fr. Matthew Moretz+