Friday Bible Study – “Christ and Ekklesia: John’s Wondrous Vision of Light”

Friday, May 13 at 1pm through Friday, 29 July at 1pm

The Rev. Mark Schultz, Associate for Pastoral Care

Join Fr. Schultz for a series of Friday Bible Study sessions that will serve as a deep dive into the Gospel of John. Part One of the Series covers the Prologue to John (1:1-18) as well as what scholars have named The Book of Signs (1:19 through chapter 12) and will last through July. As we journey through the richness of John’s language and imagery, we’ll be considering together a few questions: For whom is the Fourth Gospel written? What is this Gospel’s project or mission? Who is Jesus in the Fourth Gospel? What is the Gospel’s vision of the Church? What are the Gospel’s recurring images and themes?

Contact Fr Schultz for the Zoom link, and bring your questions, your curiosity and yourself to the rich spiritual feast that is John’s wondrous vision of light!