2022 Grant Recipient for the Week of July 31: The Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort, Inc.

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Each week, Pamela Lewis, Chair of the Grants’ Committee of the Vestry, will share information on our 2022 grant recipients in alphabetical order.

Derived from a Greek word that originally meant a female helper or maidservant, since 2001 The Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort has been the only organization of its kind that provides Doula volunteers to serve people with serious illness, who are at the end stage of life and ostensibly alone.

A diverse group of carefully screened and intensively trained volunteers visit individuals living at home, in nursing facilities, and in hospitals. If possible, they also stay in contact via phone or Zoom. These volunteers visit each week with that person until he or she dies. Due to the shortage of paid palliative care workers and the growing trend of single, unbefriended older adults living in New York City, this program supplies services that are needed more than ever. For many of the program’s clients, these are their only meaningful and supportive relationships, many of which may last several months and even years.

We are grateful to the Vestry for approving support of this quietly meaningful and compassionate program.