The Saint Thomas Church Grants Program

Grants Application Form

Each year, the Vestry of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue provides in its budget for the potential provision of grants by the Church. Generally speaking, grants, if authorized, are to not-for-profit organizations that serve otherwise underserved citizens of New York City or within the Episcopal Diocese of New York. More specifically, grants are generally provided for those who work with children, the ill, the elderly, and those who lack very basic human needs. The grants are intended to have immediate positive impact. Grants are also given to degree-awarding Episcopal divinity schools, to charities furthering the work of ecumenism, and to organizations fostering the life of the Anglican Communion in New York City.

Support is normally not provided for scholarships, endowment funds, general operating expenses, or arts and cultural programs.

Grants are made only to tax exempt organizations and institutions. Grants are awarded on a yearly basis, and most grants are awarded by June of that year. Grants are not made directly to individuals.

The annual report for Saint Thomas lists the organizations that have received grants that year, the amount, and the purpose for the grant.

Applicants for grants should download, complete, and submit the one-page Grants Application Form, and also submit a letter that briefly describes the nature and importance of the need to be addressed; the approach to be developed, implemented, or tested; the utility of the project (if successfully carried out, how and to what extent it would alleviate the need); the work plan; funds requested (and total funds needed, when greater); the criteria for measuring the project's success or failure; the aims and background of the applicant organization; and, relevant qualifications of the person(s) who would direct the project and a copy of their most recent filing with the State Attorney General.

Future grants are contingent upon a review of the use of funds for prior year grants.

The grants for 2018 have now been awarded; the deadline for submission for 2019 is February 1, 2019 but may be made any time before that date and will be held on file.

Letters should be addressed to The Chair of the Grants Committee, Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, One West 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10019.

June 2017

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