Join Saint Thomas

If you do not currently have a church home, or if you are new to New York City and have not yet found a church home, you are most welcome to join us.

We encourage you to come and worship with us on Sundays and throughout the week. Please see the full worship calendar for the range and times of services. After you worship with us a few times, please give careful consideration to the significance of having a church home, and then pray about it. There are many fine churches in this city. We would be delighted to have you join us, but even more importantly, we want you to grow in your Christian faith, wherever that might be.

If you are not yet baptized, please read about Baptism & Confirmation. It is through baptism that you become a Christian, and once a Christian you will be well on your way toward joining Saint Thomas.

Once you make a decision to join Saint Thomas, the actual process is straight-forward. Simply email us your inquiry or complete the Welcome Card which can be found on tables in the narthex (just inside the Fifth Avenue entrance) when you worship with us. It will be helpful if you let us know where you are in your journey (not yet baptized, already baptized, new to New York City, a former member of another parish, etc.). Wherever you are in your journey, we will help you take the next step.