{"title": "Maundy Thursday 2013","images":[{"caption":"The Solemn Liturgy of Maundy Thursday begins with a procession, led by a thurifer, as the choir and congregation sing "Praise to the Holiest in the height." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/01_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The choristers of the Saint Thomas Choir School in procession. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/02_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"With crosses draped in white, the opening procession makes it way toward the high altar. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/03_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The choir takes its position in the chancel. Note the chairs between the choir stall, which are in place for the foot washing which occurs later in the liturgy. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/04_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The altar is censed during the singing of the Gloria in Excelsis Deo. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/05_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The choir sings the Gloria, which in 2014 is from the Messe en sol by Francis Poulenc. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/06_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"John Scott conducts the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/07_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Celebrant sings the Salutation (The Lord be with you). (from Maundy Thurdsday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/09_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The celebrant sings the Collect of the Day: "Almighty Father, whose dear Son, on the night before he suffered, did institute the Sacrament of his Body and Blood..." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/10_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Subdeacon reads the Epistle (I Corinthians 11:23-26): "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal..." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/11_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"A thurifer leads the Gospel Procession as the choir and congregation sing "Sion praise thy Saviour, singing..." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/12_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Deacon censes the Bible before reading the Gospel (Saint John 13:1-17, 31b-35): "...Jesus answered Peter, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/13_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"After the reading of the Gospel, the procession returns to the High Altar as the choir and congregation sing the final two stanzas off "Sion praise thy Saviour, singing." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/14_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Rector invites designated individuals to come forward to have their feet washed. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/15_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"An eighth grade acolyte has his foot washed by the Rector, as the choir sings Ubi Caritas. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/16_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"A member of the congregation has her foot washed by the Rector. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/17_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"After the foot washing ceremony, the Rector is dressed with his cope. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/18_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"After the feet are washed, the Rector leads the congregation in prayers, saying, "Most loving Lord, thou hast stooped to wash the feet of thy disciples. Accept our act of obedience and humble service..." (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/19_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"An acolyte censes the choir during the singing of the Offertory motet. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/20_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The acolyte then turns to cense the congregation. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/21_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Celebrant says the Eucharist Prayer. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/22_Maundy_Thursday_20131.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Celebrant raises the host during the consecration. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/24_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The three sacred ministers communicate the priests and acolytes who will assist at Holy Communion. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/25_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The choir lines up at the altar rail to receive Holy Communion. (from Maundy Thurdsday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/26_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"After the congregation receives Holy Communion, acolytes move into place at the high altar for the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/27_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Procession to the Altar of Repose begins. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/28_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Blessed Sacrament is carried by the Celebrant and Deacon. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/29_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"As the congregation kneels, the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament makes its way through the nave to the Altar of Repose, which is in the Chantry Chapel. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/30_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The procession makes the turn down the center aisle of the Chantry Chapel. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/31_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Blessed Sacrament arrives at the Altar of Repose. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/32_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"All kneel to venerate the Sacrament. Even the processional cross is lowered (though it does not touch the floor). (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/33_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"With the Sacrament now safely aside at the Altar of Repose, the High Altar is stripped as the choir sings Psalm 22. Here, two acolytes carry away the High Altar Cross. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/34_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"Clergy remove the flowers from the High Altar. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/35_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Verger, with the assistance of acolytes, removes the Altar Book and small linens. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/36_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"Acolytes remove the fair linen. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/37_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"Priests remove the frontal from the altar. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/38_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"With the altar now bare, the Rector approaches the altar, and the Verger gives him wine and water, which he pours onto the surface of the altar. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/39_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Rector creates five small puddles of wine, two for the wounds to the hands, two for the wounds to the feet, and one for the wound in the side. Stains from previous years mark the surface of the altar. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/40_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"Having poured water over the puddles of wine, the Rector then begins to scrub the surface of the High Altar with palm branches as the choir continues to sing Psalm 22. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/41_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"The Fr Mead suddenly tosses the palm branches, and the lights immediately go dark. The choir immediately stops singing and the choristers run away into the night. The scene is now set for Good Friday. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/42_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"},{"caption":"A Watch is kept in the Chantry Chapel for the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament. (from Maundy Thursday 2013)","src":"https://www.saintthomaschurch.org/uploads/photos/43_Maundy_Thursday_2013.jpeg"}]}