Choral Evensong

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Thursday, March 10, 2016
5:30 pm High Altar

The Gentlemen of The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys.

Officiant: Fr Spurlock

Sung by: The Gentlemen of the Choir

Prelude: Andante pathetique, John Stainer (1840-1901)

Introit: Thee will I laud, Edmund Hooper (c. 1553-1621)

Responses: Michael Leighton Jones (b. 1948)

Psalm: 55 Plainsong (Tone I A8)

Service: Tones vi and ii in fauxbourdon, Christopher Dearnley (1930-2000)

Lesson: Jeremiah 22:13-23

Lesson 2: Mark 8:27—9:1

Anthem: Let my complaint, Thomas Morley (c. 1557-1602)

Hymn: 675
Take up thy cross, the Savior said

Voluntary: Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder, BuxWV 178 Dietrich Buxtehude (c. 1637-1707)

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