Theology Class: Genesis, "Who are We?"

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Monday, May 2, 2016
12:40 pm – 1:20 pm
Living Room, Parish House

From the Creation Window at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue.

This is a repeat of the Sunday class.

In his final Sunday theology class, Father Austin returns to the beginning of the Bible. This class will draw out some fundamental insights of the book of Genesis. For instance, it seems that “rule” over one another is not part of God’s initial design, and yet rule (and with it, political life) seems inevitable. Rule over the animals, also, comes to be as a consequence of the fall. God responds to this by training a people, starting with Abraham, to follow a New Way. One characteristic of the New Way is that generosity will be easy and natural; this is to be institutionalized in the Jubilee Year.

There is no more important theological question than what it means to be human. When he came to Saint Thomas in 2005, Father Austin identified “theological anthropology” as the focus of the classes he would organize here. He wishes now to end with a return to this important chapter of biblical anthropology: who we humans are.

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