Choral Evensong

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
5:30 pm High Altar

John Bosco


Daniel Hyde conducts The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys

Officiant: Fr Turner

Sung by: The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys.

Prelude: Allegretto piacevole, Intermezzo, and Poco lento, from Vesper Voluntaries, Op. 14, Edward Elgar (1857-1934)

Introit: Blessed be the Lord God, John Amner (1573-1641)

Responses: Philip Radcliffe (1905-1986)

Psalm: 149 Anglican Chant (Guest)

Service: in D, Charles Wood (1866-1926)

Lesson: Isaiah 54:1-17

Lesson 2: John 6:52-29

Anthem: My soul, there is a country, C.H.H. Parry (1848-1918)

Hymn: 477

Voluntary: Andantino, from Vesper Voluntaries, Op. 14 Edward Elgar

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