Doors Open for the 11pm Service

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Monday, December 24, 2018
10:00 pm Fifth Avenue Doors

Although we distribute tickets for this service to those who support Saint Thomas Church throughout the entire year, there is room for many hundreds of people without tickets. Those without tickets line up at the Fifth Avenue doors of the church. Those doors open at 10pm. Depending on the weather, people may begin lining up at the Fifth Avenue doors before 10pm. In past years, the line has begun to form around 9:30pm.

It is possible that the doors may need to be closed before 11pm, when the service begins. This will occur if the church fills to capacity. There is no way we can know in advance how many people will come, or at what time the church will fill.

We welcome everyone who wants to worship at Saint Thomas this Christmas. If you are concerned about the lines or crowds at the 11pm service on Christmas Eve, consider attending Christmas Day at 11am or Christmas Eve at 4pm. Like the 11pm service, both services are sung by the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys. The 4pm service on Christmas Eve does not include a Mass, so if you wish to make your Holy Communion, you should come on Christmas Eve at 11pm or Christmas Day at 11am.


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