Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Solemn Eucharist of the Resurrection ID: 205287; 3 pers.; 12 prog.; [109 words]
8:00 AM, High Altar

We would be delighted if you decide to worship with us, online, on Easter Morning. This service was pre-recorded on April 2. Father Turner is our preacher.

Virtual Coffee Hour (held on the Zoom videoconferencing platform) ID: 207394; [109 words]
12:30 PM

One of our new online parish gatherings is our weekly “Virtual Coffee Hour” which will use the conferencing program “Zoom” to host a virtual meeting. This meeting will start after the webcast of the 11am service at 12:30pm and will last no longer than an hour.

Solemn Evensong ID: 101696; 10 prog.; [22 words]
4:00 PM

This service was originally broadcast on Easter Day 2007 (April 8). It was conducted by John Scott, our then Organist and Director of Music.