Choral Evensong

Sunday, September 11, 2011
The Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost
4:00 PM


As we are every September, we are grateful on this Sunday following Labor Day to mark the beginning of yet another choral season with the return of our beloved Saint Thomas Choir of Men & Boys, under the direction of John Scott.

As we did at this morning’s Choral Eucharist, we remember today the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. At Evensong, we will transition from the remembrance of this morning to prayer for, and contemplation of, our country and our future. Lessons (from Isaiah 40 and Romans 8) remind us of the surefootedness and victory of life in our Lord; hymns include America the beautiful and O God, our help in ages past; an address in lieu of a sermon is given by Jon Meacham (parishioner and former Vestryman; author and editor; observer of national events), who speaks as a Christian regarding where we are as a country and as a people.

‚ñ∫In his Weekly Audio Message, the Rector speaks about the tragic events of September 11 and, fittingly, our observance later this week of Holy Cross Day.

‚ñ∫The Sunday Organ Recital Series returns this week, immediately following Choral Evensong. See the list of upcoming recitals.

‚ñ∫As you recall the events of 2001, you might find these sermons helpful:
The Mystery of Goodness (2001) by Fr Mead
A Sermon for the Visit of Prince Andrew (2001) by Fr Mead
The Kingdom of Heaven (2002) by Fr Griesedieck

‚ñ∫And as you remember those who perished:
The Souls Departed — Safe & Sound (2008) by Fr Mead
Back from the Dead (2008) by Fr Mead
Why Pray for the Dead? (2003) by Fr Mead