Choral Evensong

Sunday, April 7, 2019
The Fifth Sunday In Lent
4:00 PM


OfficiantThe Rector
PreacherFr. R-J Heijmen
Sung byThe Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys
Hymn471 -- We sing the praise of him who died -- BRESLAU
Responses, by Philip Radcliffe (1905-1986)
Psalm41 (Wood)
ServiceMagnificat and Nunc dimittis in B-flat, by Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)
Lesson1 Kings 8:22-30
Lesson 2Revelation 21:3-7
Hymn169 -- O sacred head, sore wounded -- HERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGEN (PASSION CHORALE)
AnthemSave us O Lord, Edward Bairstow (1874-1946)
Lent ProsePlainsong (Mode V)
VoluntaryAttende Domine, David Briggs (b. 1962)