Festal Evensong

Sunday, May 17, 2015
The Seventh Sunday Of Easter
4:00 PM


About Choral Evensong
Based on the services held daily in the medieval Church, Choral Evensong as arranged in the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England has been sung regularly since the sixteenth century. Many people who are new to worship at Saint Thomas enjoy the contemplative feel of Choral Evensong. The service includes readings (just as would occur at Evening Prayer) and prayers led by a priest, as well as music taken from the rich tradition of the Anglican choral repertoire. An anthem along with a setting of the Magnificat and the Nunc dimittis are sung by the choir. Read more about Choral Evensong here, or view the Choral Evensong Service Card posted a few days prior to this service to the bottom of this page, where links to the webcast are posted during and after the service.