How to Be a Sinner

Thursday, September 27, 2018
6:30 PM


In this lecture, Dr. Peter Bouteneff of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary reflects on the language of guilt and sin common to much Christian prayer. While not without its risks, a faithful Christian understanding of a ‚Äúsinner identity‚Äù is in fact a prerequisite for the good news of the gospel message, and can help lead the believer into the way of Christ’s mercy, grace, and salvation.

Of Dr. Bouteneff’s new book, How to Be a Sinner: Finding Your Self in the Church’s Language of Repentance (SVS Press, 2018), Rowan Williams writes, “Crisp, practical and searching, this excellent book combines a solid theological perspective fully informed by the depths of the Christian spiritual tradition with a vigorous and very contemporary insight into a culture that has largely forgotten what sin means.”

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