The Rector’s Christian Doctrine Class

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Anselm of Canterbury
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


The Rector’s Christian Doctrine Class is a 14-session comprehensive overview of Christian teaching about God, sin, salvation, church history, sacraments and more. It is particularly for persons who are new to the church and will give you a good grasp of fundamnetal Christians beliefs and practices such as prayer and the sacraments. The class is also a good opportunity to get to know our Rector, the Reverend Canon Carl F Turner, during his first year at Saint Thomas.

Persons who wish to join Saint Thomas Church and persons who wish to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, are particularly encouraged to attend. We also welcome anyone who happens to be interested in the topic of the day.

April 21 is the eleventh session. The topic for this class is: Relationships: Holy matrimony and the Church’s response to changing lifestyles.

The class meets on these additional Tuesday evenings: Apr 28, and May 5. Confirmation and Reception by the bishop will occur on Sunday, May 10.