The Three Hours Devotion

Friday, April 14, 2017
Good Friday
12:00 PM


OfficiantThe Rector
PreacherFr Daniels; Fr Spurlock; Fr Turner
Sung byThe Gentlemen of the Choir
HymnBeneath the cross of Jesus -- ST. CHRISTOPHER
ReadingsLamentations 1:12 & Isaiah 53:6
First WordLuke 23:34
HymnThere is a green hill far away -- HORSLEY
Psalm102:1 - 17, Domine, exaudi
Second WordLuke 23:43
HymnWhen I survey the wondrous cross -- ROCKINGHAM
Psalm32, Beati quorum
Third WordJohn 19:25 - 27
HymnWere you there when they crucified my Lord? -- WERE YOU THERE
Psalm130, De profundis
Fourth WordMatthew 27:46
HymnCross of Jesus, cross of sorrow -- CROSS OF JESUS
Psalm22:1-19, Deus, Deus meus
Fifth WordJohn 19:28
HymnO sacred head, sore wounded -- PASSION CHORALE
Psalm69:1-22, Sal vum me fac
Sixth WordJohn 19:30
HymnAh, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended -- HERZLIEBSTER JESU
Psalm27, Dominus illuminatio
Seventh WordLuke 23:46
HymnMy song is love unknown -- LOVE UNKNOWN