2019 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,
COME STAY GROW GIVE These four simple words capture the theme of the 2019 Annual Appeal and my vision for our parish as it seeks to live its mission statement to worship, love, and serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the Anglican tradition and our unique choral heritage. As we begin this year’s appeal we will embark upon a major strategic planning exercise which will explore those four words and our mission as we seek to grow our church, balance our budgets, and secure the future of our choir school in perpetuity. Wherever you may find yourself in this progression, I encourage you to read this brochure and think about the roles that Saint Thomas Church and Choir School play in your life. Please consider joining over 500 of our loyal members and supporters by making a pledge to the 2019 Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal is the financial backbone of Saint Thomas Church and a Choir School that changes children’s lives. Throughout the country, houses of worship of all denominations are being challenged by the new realities of lower attendance and fierce competition for contributions and our parish is no exception to this struggle. Our future will be filled with challenges, both expected and totally unforeseen, but with the challenges also come opportunities:

  • In April 2018, the Vestry voted to engage with Wellspring Consulting to produce a 5 to 10 year strategic plan. Starting this fall with an intense period of self-study and ending in the summer of 2019, this is a real opportunity to work together for future growth and stability.
  • After ten years of planning and fundraising,the Miller-Scott Organ has been installed – possibly the finest instrument in the world. This is a glorious milestone for the Church and Choir School.
  • Founded in 1919, the Saint Thomas Choir School will celebrate its Centennial starting in March 2019. Headmaster Charles Wallace and the Alumni Committee have scheduled several months of meaningful events to highlight what our school has to offer that no other can. This next year will be a very special time in the life of Saint Thomas. We have much to look forward to and I hope you will celebrate these successes with us. I ask that you join our 2019 Annual Appeal Co-Chairs, my wife Alison, and me in supporting the 2019 Appeal as generously as possible. I urge you to make Saint Thomas Church and its School your first priority in charitable giving; let us all work together in this exciting next phase of parish life.

With best wishes,

The Reverend Canon Carl F. Turner, Rector
and on behalf of
Ms. Robin Humble, Co-Chair
Mr. Gregory Zaffiro, Co-Chair
Mrs. Ann Hall Kaplan, Director of Development

2019 Annual Appeal Committee

If you have any questions, please talk to a member of the Annual Appeal Committee. Every Sunday during the Appeal, Committee members are identifiable by their red-ribboned nametags.

Robin J. Humble & Gregory C. Zaffiro

  • William L. Andersen
  • Claire H. Anderson
  • Diana L. Beck
  • SiQi Chen
  • Edward L. Gibson
  • Jean Cameron Grainger
  • Stephen T. Kelly
  • Winnie Kung
  • Brett F. Moore
  • Edith L. Morrill
  • Curt Murray Peters
  • B. Franklin Reinauer III
  • Hazel E. Schleifer
  • Susanne Singleton
  • Andrea Stanford

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Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue

Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue is a parish church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Renowned for its liturgy and choral music, our Rector, The Reverend Canon Carl F. Turner, leads a team of clergy and staff who are committed to excellence in preaching, education and pastoral care. The church is open every day of the year and the Eucharist is celebrated daily.

The Saint Thomas Choir School

The Saint Thomas Choir School was founded in 1919 and plays a vital role in the life of the church. The school is the only church-affiliated residential choir school in the United States and one of only two such schools for boys in the English-speaking world. Headmaster Charles F. Wallace ensures that the 30 boys in grades 3 through 8 receive a stimulating and nurturing education in a Christian environment. In addition to academics and sports, each boy receives musical training in the Anglican tradition and participates in special travel and extra-curricular activities. Choristers attend regardless of ability to pay and their lives are transformed through this extraordinary experience.