Contribute to the Miller-Scott Organ

Saint Thomas has found itself in the challenging position of having to undertake two very important and costly capital projects at the same time: the restoration of our stained glass windows and, most urgently, the replacement of our chancel organ.

The urgent need for a reliable and responsive organ to carry out our mission “to worship, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the Anglican tradition and our unique choral heritage” has made it necessary for us to ask everyone--long-time parishioners, newcomers, and friends of our parish from far and wide--to contribute as generously as they are able.

Over the past few years, Saint Thomas Church has undertaken its first Capital Campaign since 1930. More than $10.2 million has been raised from over 500 gifts and pledges from loyal parishioners and friends. This has made it possible to restore the windows on the north and west sides of the church and to complete the preliminary design of the new organ. We now need to raise the remaining funds in order to move ahead with these critical projects.

It is our hope that all who value Saint Thomas and find comfort in our magnificent landmarked building, will participate in this campaign. Do you worship here, either frequently or occasionally, or enjoy our webcasts? Do you value our generous and varied outreach programs or appreciate our liturgy or our glorious music program? If so, please consider contributing to the continued success of our mission.

You can pledge online or download a pledge card and mail in your contribution. It is easy to pledge online on our secure website. If you'd like to learn more about online transactions conducted on our website, feel free to read our privacy and shipping policies. If you have any questions, please email: Ann Hall Kaplan; you can also call her at 212 757-7013, ex. 414. Please know that we appreciate each and every gift. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. Thank you for your consideration and support of Saint Thomas Church.

Questions? Contact Ann Hall Kaplan.