Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue by J. Robert Wright

Published in 2001, this book incorporates considerable research, precise annotation, and outstanding illustrations. It begins with the parish's foundation in the lower part of Manhattan in 1823 and traces its subsequent history over twelve rectors, four buildings, and three spectacular fires. This story is closely related to many significant people and events in New York's past and present, including the orgins of the "Easter Parade" in the late nineteenth century and visits from British royalty in more recent years. Its illustrious music tradition is also traced here, which began in earnest with the foundation in 1919 of its heralded residential choir school under T. Tertius Noble. This volume includes detailed descriptions of the "Great Reredos," a massive stone screen of statuary behind the high altar, the largest of its kind in the world. Many other features of the parish's life and of the church's interior design are explained.

This book is written and compiled by the honorary Historiographer of the Episcopal Church, J. Robert Wright, a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and currently St. Mark's Professor of Eccliastical History in the General Theological Seminary, New York City.


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