Priest in New York, by Victor Lee Austin

This collection of fifty-five vignetteswas written by the first priest to be appointed Theologian-in-residence of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue.

Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize–winning author, writes:

In the Anglican tradition, priests are called to be, in the words of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, "Messengers, Watchmen and Stewards of the Lord"; they are directed, moreover, "to teach and to premonish, to feed and provide for the Lord's family; to seek for Christ's sheep that are dispersed abroad, and for his children who are in the midst of this naughty world, that they may be saved through Christ forever."

Noble language, and epic sentiments. The signficance and value of Victor Austin's following account of life as a priest in New York City is his capacity to make the joys of teaching, and yes, premonishing (a lovely word, that) real to us without descending into cynicism or sensationalism. This is a quiet book about a loud city, a faithful diary of a world too often given to faithlessness.

Paperback: 180 pages

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