Commandments as Good News

The Ten Commandments—and commandments in general—have been misunderstood as alien impositions upon human nature. In fact, they are God’s liberating gift that help us live rich and full human lives. Which is to say, they are grace. They are Good News.

Weekly from January 27 through May 12, 2013 (except for Palm Sunday and Easter Day), the clergy of Saint Thomas opened up the goodness of God’s commandments at Evensong on Sundays at 4pm. You are invited to read and listen to these sermons by accessing them below.


Introduction to the Decalogue
January 27 – Fr Austin

No Other Gods
Feburary 3 – Fr Spurlock

No Graven Images
February 10 – Fr Mead

Taking the Name in Vain
February 17 – Fr Daniels

Keep Holy the Sabbath
February 24 – Fr Austin

Honor Father and Mother
March 3 – Fr Mead

No Murder
March 10 – Fr Spurlock

No Adultery
March 17 – Fr Daniels

No Stealing
April 7 – Fr Mead

No False Witness
April 14 – Fr Austin

Do Not Covet
April 21 – Fr Daniels

Love God
April 28 – Fr Spurlock

Love Thy Neighbor
May 5 – Fr Mead

As I Have Loved You
May 12 – Fr Austin