Christian Doctrine Class

The Rector's Christian Doctrine Class is offered every January - May and will begin anew in January 2014. The class is especially designed for those who want to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. But it is also for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christ and about the doctrine and traditions of the church, as we've received them.

This class, of course, is not the only way to learn about Christ and his church. We encourage you to worship with us, study and pray with us, and make yourself known to us. Our doors are open 365 days a year (at least one Mass is offered every day) and you can contact us anytime if you are interested in learning more.

Dates and Topics

The dates below are in 2014. Classes begin at 6:30pm and meet in Andrew Hall on the second floor of the Parish House (1 West 53rd Street). The book chapters are suggested readings from Michael Lloyd's Cafe Theology.

January 14
God the Father: Creation & Fall
Chapter 1: Creation

January 21
God the Son: Incarnation & Atonement
Chapter 4: Incarnation

January 28
God the Holy Spirit
Chapter 7: Holy Spirit

February 4
The Holy Trinity
Chapter 8: Holy Trinity

February 11
Church History
Chapter 2: Fall

February 18
Church Organization & Ministry
Chapter 3: Providence

February 25
Chapter 5: Atonement

March 4
Sacraments, Especially Baptism
Chapter 6: Resurrection & Ascension

March 11
The Ten Commandments
Chapter 10: The Church

March 18
Sacramental Confession

March 25
The Holy Eucharist

April 1
Confirmation, Matrimony, Unction

April 8
Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell
Chapter 9: The Final Victory of God

April 29
Confirmation and Reception will occur at the 11am Festal Eucharist on May 4, 2014.