Strategic Planning

Thank you to everyone who attended the May parish gatherings. We are grateful for your continued interest in and support of this important project.

Latest News

The Strategic Planning Working Group has been meeting regularly since last September. Alongside Wellspring Consulting, we have engaged with over 250 parishioners, staff, and friends in parish meetings, focus group, and individual interviews. We conducted an online survey and received a very gratifying 1,126 responses. From your input and from Working Group discussions, we are developing a workable plan to address the challenges we face today and welcome the opportunities that lie ahead. Throughout this process we have been exploring ways to grow our membership as well as to secure the finances and future of the Choir School. It is important to remember that there is much work to be done and it will not be easy. Several task forces will be formed to carry out the many facets of the plan. We are counting on everyone’s support in the months and years to come to ensure that our strategic plan is a success.

Once the strategic plan has been approved by the Development Committee and the Vestry, the final document will be prepared for publication to the parish. This coming September, we will have a special coffee hour to celebrate everyone’s efforts as we launch our several initiatives.

We thank the many members and friends who continue to generously support the parish and choir school in myriad ways.

Murray Hood
Strategic Planning Co-Chair
Development Committee Co-Chair
Member of the Vestry

Greg Zaffiro
Strategic Planning Co-Chair
Development Committee Co-Chair
Annual Appeal Co-Chair

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