Children and Families Update for the Week of August 16, 2020

Summer Zoom! is Now on Pause

Hello Children and Families!

As you know our children’s Summer Zoom! is now on pause. But there are still ways to stay connected and be of service. We hope you are having some fun! Do you have a photo of your Summer News to share?

Read below for details on our August activities and ways to …

… Be Faithful, Be Creative and Be Connected.

Diddy Disciples

NEXT WEEK… Listen to our four part series focusing on MOSES. These short film clips will give you a taster of DIDDY DISCIPLES storytelling through song and action.

Faith at Home

Looking for ways to bring weekly lessons to life for your family? Faith at Home is a rich resource for


Faith Alive

Our young teens group continues to meet in August with a focus on outreach projects and New Testament Greek, led by Ms. Satterfield.

Making Cards for Seniors

Join our DIOCESAN WIDE YOUTH PROJECT involving children and families in making greetings cards for seniors in nursing homes.

Coming Soon…

We will resume Sunday School in the Fall on September 13. The format of which is to be determined. Registration for 2020-21 will be available beginning September 1 and will cover on line and in person offerings for the coming year.