Condemned into Redemption: Understanding the Crucifixion

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
6:30 PM


The Rev. Fleming Rutledge is the speaker for the Spring Theology Lecture this year. Her most recent book, Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ, has been highly praised across the ecumenical spectrum, garnering praise from many quarters. Katherine Sonderegger of Virginia Theological Seminary writes of Crucifixion,

“Fleming Rutledge here lays out the horror of the cross with unflinching honesty and with a patient, full exposition of the rich themes of Christ’s redeeming death. She does not shy away from the demands of her theological vision, taking up motifs of satisfaction, substitution, rectification, and divine wrath in turn. Throughout, Rutledge draws on the rich storehouse of a preacher. The whole world stands under her gaze – literary examples, political folly and cruelty, horrendous evils of war and torment and torture, religious timidity and self-deception, human faithlessness and sin. But always the gospel rings out. Christ’s cross has won the victory, and it is all from God. This book is a moving testimony to the courage, intelligence, and faithfulness of one of the church’s premier preachers. Every student of the Scriptures needs this book.”